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Can life lessons we learn from movies prepare us for the end of civilization? Is Harry Potter the new Star Wars? Has modern science fiction lost its way? Are housewives ruining American television? Explore these questions and many others with Sean Gilbert, Brooks Robinson and Greg Starks in TV Ate My Dinner, the podcast that brings you the finest in opiniontainment when it comes to movies, TV and media issues. It could also mean the difference between living and dying if you ever find yourself staring down the business end of a zombie bite, so this is one show you can't afford to miss!
TV Ate My Dinner:  Episode Eight Now that remakes are the new sequels, the boys tackle what movies should be reimagined (ever heard of Vally of Gwangi or Champions of Justice?), the direction giant monkey movies should be headed in, and what went wrong with the Rob Zombie Halloween remake.  There's also a couple of movies that maybe never should be remade.  Or maybe sooner or later they'll all get remade.  Who knows?
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TV Ate My Dinner:  Episode Seven

The inevitable 80's retrospective is here!  The guys go over classic 80's movies like Blade Runner, Aliens, and Back to the Future.  1987 alone gave us Predator, Robocop and Evil Dead 2.  What a decade for cool flicks.

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TV Ate My Dinner: Episode 6 Safety & survival tips you can get from watching movies and playing games.  The adventuring skills you picked up playing Dungeons & Dragons and watching Indiana Jones may just come in handy in your real life.  We also discuss the awesome precision and durability of booby trap technology, as evidenced in movies like The Goonies.  You'd be amazed what you can accomplish with a couple of ropes and a really big rock.
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TV Ate My Dinner: Dolph vs. Arnold Dolph vs. Arnold:  Separated at birth?  You Dolph-fans should be pleased at this impromptu Dolph Lundgren tribute which contrasts the careers of the Masters of the Universe star and Predator macho man Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Who's the bigger action star?  You decide...
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From the WWGC archives comes a beautifully bizarre Dark Crazy bonus feature.  This is part of our ongoing Radio Rescue Project, so we present this offbeat radio play that we did not produce.  We just found it.  So we give it to you, world.  Enjoy.
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