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Can life lessons we learn from movies prepare us for the end of civilization? Is Harry Potter the new Star Wars? Has modern science fiction lost its way? Are housewives ruining American television? Explore these questions and many others with Sean Gilbert, Brooks Robinson and Greg Starks in TV Ate My Dinner, the podcast that brings you the finest in opiniontainment when it comes to movies, TV and media issues. It could also mean the difference between living and dying if you ever find yourself staring down the business end of a zombie bite, so this is one show you can't afford to miss!
TV Ate My Dinner: Episode 12

The boys discuss movies that suck (mostly, anyway).  They trek into the vast wasteland of vampire movies, deconstructing where exactly the original undead lost their teeth and what it will take to get them back.

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TV Ate My Dinner:  Episode 11 As the undisputed unequivocal authorities on what is empirically funny, Brooks and Sean discuss oft overlooked comedies like Wes Anderson's Bottle Rocket and Noah Baumbach's Kicking & Screaming.  They also discuss sleeper classics like Office Space and the Big Lebowski, what it takes to be funny and why so many movies aren't.
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TV Ate My Dinner minisode:  The Host In this scaled-down TVAMD minisode, Brooks and Sean review the monster flick The Host and talk a little about where horror movies are going, and how movies like Evil Dead may have taken their cue from the 60's experimental movie The Equinox:  Journey Into the Supernatural.  We cover a lot of ground in 12 minutes, folks...
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TV Ate My Dinner:  Episode 11 As promised, the boys return to the 80's with this tribute to the Power Anthems of classics like Karate Kid, Rocky & Footloose!  If it set the scene for losers doing pullups so they could stand up to town toughs, then we'll cover it here!  Just record this show and play it every time you work out.  Or if you don't work out, then just listen to this show once and develop a six-pack montage-style!
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TV Ate My Dinner: Episode Nine The guys tackle the very guy-like subject of movie beatdowns, tough one liners, and other macho moments.  They also share some personal tough guy stories (all from Greg...interesting...)
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