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Can life lessons we learn from movies prepare us for the end of civilization? Is Harry Potter the new Star Wars? Has modern science fiction lost its way? Are housewives ruining American television? Explore these questions and many others with Sean Gilbert, Brooks Robinson and Greg Starks in TV Ate My Dinner, the podcast that brings you the finest in opiniontainment when it comes to movies, TV and media issues. It could also mean the difference between living and dying if you ever find yourself staring down the business end of a zombie bite, so this is one show you can't afford to miss!

Reflecting on the 40th anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing, the boys consider where technology has brought us since then.  Sure, podcasting and the wikipedia are awesome, but while we're trying to decide whether Ubuntu is preferable to Microsoft Vista, who's developing the next breakthrough technology that will make history the same way the astronauts did?  Will we ever have a moon base or go to Mars?  And is dark matter even real at all?

Plus we talk about the new Harry Potter movie.

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TVAMD4: Toys!

Pulsar the Ultimate Man of Adventure, ROM the Space Knight, Shogun Warriors, Go Bots, Weebles and JJ Armes...

Star Wars and GI Joe weren't the only awesome toys from our youth.  From the Mego Star Trek dolls to the Six Million Dollar Man, the boys reminisce about the great toys from the seventies and eighties.

PLUS:  Brooks makes a shocking confession...

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TVAMD Theater:  Tales from the Inn of the Broken Sword

In this TV Ate My Dinner Theater featurette, our host Sir St. John C. O'Herlihy introduces us to Angus Dundee, proprietor of the Inn of the Broken Sword, a bar where stories as much a currency as money. 

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TVAMD4:  Transformers 2!

This Season Premiere marks the 2 year anniversary of TVAMD, and the boys celebrate by going back to where it all began:  Talking about Transformers!

There's also some discussion of the new Friday the 13th and still more talk about GI Joe and Star Trek.

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TVAMD Theater:  The Morning Star

TVAMD presents a brand new featurette:  TV Ate My Dinner Theater!  Your host, Sir St. John C. O'Herlihy, presents stories of intrigue and adventure in the theater of the imagination.

This week's story:  "The Morning Star" by Brooks Robinson and Sean Gilbert.

A psychiatrist gets too close to his work when he examines a serial killer with a frightening agenda.

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TVAMD3:  The Unsung Heroes of Star Wars!

In this epic Season Finale, the boys discuss the unsung (or perhaps improperly appreciated) heroes of Star Wars.  Who are the people (and in some cases, the characters) who made Star Wars great?  And who got left behind as it became what it is today?

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