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Can life lessons we learn from movies prepare us for the end of civilization? Is Harry Potter the new Star Wars? Has modern science fiction lost its way? Are housewives ruining American television? Explore these questions and many others with Sean Gilbert, Brooks Robinson and Greg Starks in TV Ate My Dinner, the podcast that brings you the finest in opiniontainment when it comes to movies, TV and media issues. It could also mean the difference between living and dying if you ever find yourself staring down the business end of a zombie bite, so this is one show you can't afford to miss!
TVAMD:  XMAS Special!

Sean & Greg put the nativity in negativity by tackling crazy Christmas shoppers, The new V series and the Prisoner remake, The Men Who Stare at Goats and its depiction of the First Earth Battalion, and the attitude of movies like Back to the Future and Clash of the Titans towards sexual assault.

Merry Christmas, everybody.

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TVAMD4:  A Show About Nothing Sean and Greg set out to talk Frankenstein with Lynn, but end up talking about the sexy starlets of scifi and TV shows like V, Big Love, Smallville, FlashForward, the Vampire Diaries, Fringe and for some reason, MacGyver.  Somewhere in the mix Paranormal Activity and the Amityville Horror remake enter into the conversation.
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TVAMD4:  More Tips on Surviving the Zombie War!

The boys return with Mudoogul Mudslinger to explore more tips on surviving the Zombie War, courtesy of the University of Florida's Zombie Response Plan, Zombieland, and Left 4 Dead. 

Also we discuss Drag Me To Hell's portrayal of gypsies, how investigate a werewolf sighting and the dubious merits of cannibalism.

Happy Halloween, everybody...

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TVAMD4:  Surviving the Zombie War Zombieland and other recent zombie stories like the Walking Dead comic are shifting the focus from surviving the initial zombie outbreak to living in a zombie world.  Surviving the first 48 hours of infection is necessary, but how do you make it past the first 100 days?  Living in the Zombie War requires a bigger set of the rules, which the boys are happy to provide.  Mudoogul Mudslinger joins in the Halloween fun to talk zombie survival tactics, the University of Florida's short-lived zombie response plan, and the new supernatural haunted house movie, Paranormal Activity.
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TVAMD4:  Guilty Pleasures... The Return

Greg and Sean return with David to hastily answer all the burning questions left open at the end of Guilty Pleasures part 1.  They discuss the Disney buyout of Marvel, the genius of Edmund Cooper, the exploits of JJ Armes, the seven gates of Hell, Project Runway, NASCAR and many other topics of intellectual import.

You demanded it, people, so here it is...

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TVAMD4:  Guilty Pleasures Greg and Sean talk guilty pleasures with David, mostly discussing the Professor's harrowing run-in with a jellyfish, the True Blood finale' and how EPCOT Center has lost its vision of yesterday's future.
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TVAMD4:  Bigfoot 2! Sean and Greg are back with Scary Gary to talk about Bigfoot, UFO's, Facebook and the upcoming James Cameron movie, Avatar.
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TVAMD Special:  Sean's Lighthouse Adventure! Sean and Brooks talk about Sean's recent excursion to the Cockspur Lighthouse at Fort Pulaski.  They also talk a little about the Savannah catacombs, the Tybee bomb and reality televistion.
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TVAMD4:  Adventures in Filmmaking! The boys get with Lynn to talk about guerilla filmmaking and amateur video production, and indirectly prove that social networking outlets like Facebook are destroying our ability to communicate with each other.
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TVAMD4:  District 9 Sean and Greg talk about District 9 and James Cameron's upcoming sci-fi fantasy Avatar, re-visit GI Joe and Star Trek for the zillionth time, and somehow end up talking about Superman, warning labels and the exit row on airplanes.
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TVAMD4:  Bigfoot!

Greg and Sean go crypto with Scary Gary to discuss the mystery of the Sasquatch, unidentified flying humanoids, the Jersey Devil, Hogzilla, the Loch Ness Monster and Mothman.

Plus, Sean has finally seen Inglorious Basterds, so is qualified to form an opinion.

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TVAMD4:  VERSUS part 2! In the inevitable follow-up to VERSUS part 1, the boys discuss TRON vs. the Matrix, Captain Caveman vs. Grape Ape, Han Solo vs. Malcom Reynolds, and of course the Terminator vs. an Allosaurus.  Good water-cooler fodder for your next MENSA meeting.
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TVAMD Theater:  Patriotic Paragon, the Conclusion! In this TV Ate My Dinner bonus featurette, Sir St. John C. O'Herlihy presents the conclusion of the Patriotic Paragon serial as well as comedy sketches from Cooler Than You Productions.
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TVAMD Special:  Watchmen!

Brooks has finally watched Watchmen, but argues there aren't as many men to watch as previously asserted by Sean and Greg.  Was Dr. Manhatten's atomic junk blown out of proportion or is the whole blue business just a big fat hoax?

You decide...

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TVAMD minisode:  GIJOE follow-up! Greg and Sean have seen GIJOE and the results are in!  Hear the boys discuss the Rise of Cobra with Lynn and debate previous claims of excessive use of junk in the Watchmen movie.
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TVAMD4:  Versus! Who would win?  Kirk or Darth Vader?  A Borg ship or a Star Destroyer?  How about MacGuyver vs. a Predator?  The boys debate these and other burning issues in this heated episode!  Plus we pay tribute to Julie Brown and discuss Lorenzo Lamas' new opus, Megashark vs. Giant Octopus!
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TVAMD Theater:  The Patriotic Paragon!

In this TV Ate My Dinner Theater featurette, Sir St. John presents the first three episodes of the classic radio serial, the Adventures of the Patriotic Paragon, America's Most Concerned Citizen!  Plus some fun extras, including a look at St. John's earlier work.

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TVAMD4:  Musicals! The boys go from strip clubs, peep shows and porno to Kenneth Branaugh's Hamlet in this episode that's supposed to be about musicals.  They compare the relative merits of standards like Phantom of the Opera, Grease and the King & I to novelties like Rocky Horror, Bat Boy and Evil Dead the Musical.  Plus there is a tribute to 80's Johnnie Drama, James Remar, Joe Lamont's Quiet Cool theme song, and lots of unnecessary singing from the boys themselves.
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Reflecting on the 40th anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing, the boys consider where technology has brought us since then.  Sure, podcasting and the wikipedia are awesome, but while we're trying to decide whether Ubuntu is preferable to Microsoft Vista, who's developing the next breakthrough technology that will make history the same way the astronauts did?  Will we ever have a moon base or go to Mars?  And is dark matter even real at all?

Plus we talk about the new Harry Potter movie.

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TVAMD4: Toys!

Pulsar the Ultimate Man of Adventure, ROM the Space Knight, Shogun Warriors, Go Bots, Weebles and JJ Armes...

Star Wars and GI Joe weren't the only awesome toys from our youth.  From the Mego Star Trek dolls to the Six Million Dollar Man, the boys reminisce about the great toys from the seventies and eighties.

PLUS:  Brooks makes a shocking confession...

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TVAMD Theater:  Tales from the Inn of the Broken Sword

In this TV Ate My Dinner Theater featurette, our host Sir St. John C. O'Herlihy introduces us to Angus Dundee, proprietor of the Inn of the Broken Sword, a bar where stories as much a currency as money. 

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TVAMD4:  Transformers 2!

This Season Premiere marks the 2 year anniversary of TVAMD, and the boys celebrate by going back to where it all began:  Talking about Transformers!

There's also some discussion of the new Friday the 13th and still more talk about GI Joe and Star Trek.

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TVAMD Theater:  The Morning Star

TVAMD presents a brand new featurette:  TV Ate My Dinner Theater!  Your host, Sir St. John C. O'Herlihy, presents stories of intrigue and adventure in the theater of the imagination.

This week's story:  "The Morning Star" by Brooks Robinson and Sean Gilbert.

A psychiatrist gets too close to his work when he examines a serial killer with a frightening agenda.

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TVAMD3:  The Unsung Heroes of Star Wars!

In this epic Season Finale, the boys discuss the unsung (or perhaps improperly appreciated) heroes of Star Wars.  Who are the people (and in some cases, the characters) who made Star Wars great?  And who got left behind as it became what it is today?

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TVAMD3:  Books to Movies with Lynn, part 2 This is practically a Jane Austen tribute.  We discuss Stephen King adaptations like 1408 and the Shawshank Redemption, but mostly the many faces of Pride and Prejudice, including the new Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  There is also some talk of Harry Potter and Sean does a little Dr. Horrible karaoke.  Consider yourselves warned.
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TVAMD3:  Gaming 2! In this long-awaited (if unsolicited) follow-up to the gaming episode, the boys pretend they're going to discuss Dungeons & Dragons and the Star Wars role-playing game, but end up telling random stories about pretty much everthing else.  In other words, the usual...
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TVAMD3:  Books & Movies with Lynn!

In this episode, we pretend to discuss books that were adapted into movies, but we're so excited to have Lynn on the show we just end up chatting the whole time.  We talk Lord of the Rings, Watchmen, the viciousness of Koalas, and the comparative virtues of the yowie to the bunyip. 

And that's only in part one...

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TVAMD3:  Summer Movies with David! Brooks and Sean join with David to discuss the growing roster of Summer movies.  From Star Trek and Wolverine to Terminator and the new Transformers, they discuss everything down to Harry Potter and Quentin Tarantino.
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TVAMD3:  UFO Sightings! This episode is not really about UFO's (except a little), but we're pretty much all over the place. From George W. Bush to James Bond and the Mysteries from Beyond the Other Dominion, we manage to rip on Oliver Stone, Paul Haggis and pretty much all TV shows. Another one from the vault and for the books, folks...
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TVAMD3:  GI Joe Minisode!

In this extract from the Summer Movie Special, Sean and Brooks team with David to discuss the upcoming GI Joe movie.  So here's a little taste of that before the full episode is up.

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TVAMD3:  Muddy's Mary Jane Movies! Ever since Reefer Madness, marijuana has had a dubious distinction in the eyes of the mainstream, creating a weird counter-culture of drug movies that celebrate the twinkie-craving outlaw in all of us.  From Cheech & Chong to Dazed & Confused, marijuana movies have run the gamut from total crap to comedy gold.  The boys look into this interesting entertainment phenomenon with their usual aplomb.
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TVAMD3:  The 27 Club The boys pretend to talk about the untimely deaths of rock legends like Jimi Hendrix and Curt Cobain (all at the age of 27), but mostly yammer about their new forum, the Bilderburg conspiracy, the new zombie video game Left 4 Dead and the new Star Trek movie.
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TVAMD Karaoke Challenge! You think we're scared to thrown down the karaoke challenge, world?  Well, here it is:  Sean's rendition of "Leaving on a Jet Plane" by John Denver.  You think you can top this?  Send us your audio of your own own karoke if you've the stones.  You think we're scared.  You don't scare us one damn bit.
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TVAMD3:  The Merlin Prophecies! Computers predicting the future, the mysterious Cryptos code, and other oddities are fodder for this discussion.  Did the scientists and futurists of the MERLIN project design a computer program that predicts the future (but for some reason can't see anything past 2012)?  Did a sculptor come up with a code that CIA crptoanalysts can't crack?  And what is the story behind the wisdom of the Georgia Guidestones?  Listen and find out!
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TVAMD minisode:  Quarantine The boys take a few minutes to discuss the first person thriller Quarantine and the many negative examples it offers on surviving a horror movie.  Plus:  how to escape a hungry polar bear...
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TVAMD3:  Requels What happens when a remake becomes more like a sequel (or sometimes the other way around)?  The new Star Trek leads the boys to examine this concept by looking at other requels past like Terminator 2, Escape from LA, and the new Friday the 13th.  Plus we talk Wolverine, Highlander and the faltering merits of samurai swords in science fiction.
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TVAMD3:  The Last Stand!

Don't get your hopes up, this isn't our final episode...

The boys talk about the dubious ends of scifi series like the new Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek:  The Next Generation, Quantum Leap, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Greatest American Hero.  In so doing they ask the question:  Do scifi finale's always suck?

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TVAMD3-  Backmasking!

The Beatles, AC/DC, The Eagles, Elvis, CCR...

They all at some point had songs with so-called subliminal messages, which apparently can turn you into a servant of Satan just by hearing them.  Is there any truth to this, or is it a lot of nonsense and coincidence run amok?

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TVAMD3:  Star Trek Special Edition! Kirk, Spock and McCoy are back with a sexy new Uhura, Rachel Nichols as an Orion slave girl and even Leonard Nimoy.  Is this the Star Trek we've been waiting for? 
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TVAMD3:  Horror Movie Moments, Part 2 From Killer Klowns to Frailty, the boys go over great moments from dubious classics like Sleepaway Camp and Stephen King's Pet Semetary (remember Zelda?) with their friend Mudoogul Mudslinger.
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TVAMD3:  Great Horror Moments, Part I

The Exorcist, Jaws, the Howling, American Werewolf in London, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Killer Klowns from Outer Space...

We're covering it all in this one.  Plus the boys discuss the Nightmare on Elm Street remake with our good friend Mudoogul Mudslinger, the horror of 2 girls 1 cup, and the impending doom of the swine flu!

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TVAMD3:  Scifi Cliche's, pt II

Time travel, repeating days, Jack the Ripper, Nostradamus...

The boys cover another set of scifi cliches that it's probably time to retire. 

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TVAMD3:  Scifi Cliches, Pt. 1

Atlantis, King Arthur, sexy vampires and techno music Karate fights... 

What are the cliches that could be retired forever in scifi movies?  The boys discuss this and the inappropriate introduction of computer-generated atomic man-junk in Watchmen.  All this and the return of boobies!  And Lynn gives her review of Tyrannosaurus Wrecks.

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TVAMD3:  The CHUD Tribute! CHUD, leprechaun, Nightbreed and the Shadmock... Yes sir, there have been plenty of monsters that never hit the Rock Star status of Frankenstein and Freddy Krueger.  For every zombie there's a Rumpelstilskin, for every Michael Meyers there's a Horace Pinker.  Finally someone pays tribute to the heroes of classics like Basket Case and Deadly Friend.  Second stringers, put on your monkey suits and get ready to receive your honors...
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TVAMD3:  The Gun Show!

Here it is, world...

Darwinism vs. intelligent design, people riding dinosaurs, zombie strippers, the presidential doomsday plane, gun shows and taser phones, man junk, boobs and full frontal nudity... We've done big shows before, but this one is about as pointless and erratic as they come.  We're not afaid to tackle the big issues.

Plus, check out "How It Should Have Ended" and enjoy the Die Hard song by Guyz Nite!

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TVAMD3:  Listener Mail! The boys talk Heroes, Battlestar Galactica and the new Friday the 13th, but mostly this one's all about the friends of the show.  Listener mail and audience feedback is the backbone of this one, folks...
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TVAMD3:  2012!

The Mayan Long Count Calendar is nearing the end of its 13th (and possibly final) baktun - is that the end of humanity or will the Galactic Alignment mean a whole new era in human existence?  And what does Nostradamus have to do with this?  The boys discuss all things 2012, from the Masons to the Reptilian Annunaki aliens of the doom planet Nibiru to Global Warming and interstellar storms.  Plus we talk about UFO Hunters and their obsession with Area 51.

This is the big one, people.  Get ready...

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TVAMD3:  "I'm Just Sayin'..." The boys go off on all things irrelevant, from the Oscars and the XBox to the Blu Ray and the recent remake of "The Last House on the Left".  There is an obligatory examination of Christian Bale's onset rant and for the most part a ranting review of reality television.
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TVAMD3:  Bloodsucking Freaks! Bloodsucking Freaks and other odd bits of discussion, including the new GI Joe movie, the Transformers sequel, the new Friday the 13th, the long-awaited Watchmen movie, Incredibad, Flight of the Conchords, the MTV effect and why pop culture may be eating itself.  In short, another episode without a topic...
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TVAMD3:  Dungeons & Dragons! Wizards, warriors, and women in corsets!  The boys use the new documentary Darkon as a springboard to wax nostalgic for their dice rolling days.  Break out the Funyons and Mountain Dew; it's time to talk Dungeons & Dragons!
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TVAMD3:  Jokes!

Three guys walk into a bar...

Yes, it's about jokes this week:  From Seinfeld to 30Rock, the boys discuss comedians like Steve Martin and the infamous aristocrats joke.  What makes bad jokes funny and why are ducks always hanging out in bars?  All this and so much more...

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TVAMD3:  Muppets! Jim Henson, Meet the Feebles, Ded Bob... From socks to foam rubber, we try to cover it all in this one.  If you're not a muppet believer at the start of this show, we'll make you one by the end.
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TVAMD3:  Post Apocalypse! Sure, you know how to make it through an armageddon scenario, but once the space dust has settled and the fallout has receded, how will you survive the dystopian nightmare of the post-apocalyptic world?  From Waterworld to the Road Warrior, Sean and Brooks discuss how to Mad Max your way through mohawk weirdoes and cannibal warlords.
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TVAMD3:  The Apocalypse Edition! Plague, asteroids, zombies, dinosaurs, robots, aliens, nuclear war, global warming, the Ozone layer, the Highlander... The end of the world can take many forms, friends.  The trick is to keep your head and know your doomsday scenarios.  The boys talk about how to keep your cool and use your head (right down to what parts of the brain work best for each given situation).  We're back with a vengeance, people.  This is the one to listen to.
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