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Can life lessons we learn from movies prepare us for the end of civilization? Is Harry Potter the new Star Wars? Has modern science fiction lost its way? Are housewives ruining American television? Explore these questions and many others with Sean Gilbert, Brooks Robinson and Greg Starks in TV Ate My Dinner, the podcast that brings you the finest in opiniontainment when it comes to movies, TV and media issues. It could also mean the difference between living and dying if you ever find yourself staring down the business end of a zombie bite, so this is one show you can't afford to miss!
TVAMD3:  Adventures in Dreamland! In the long-awaited Season Premiere of TV Ate My Dinner's Third Season (yeah, that's right - the Real Doll episode didn't kill the show), the boys talk about their dreams.  Not the "I want to grow up to make a chocolote castle" kind of dreams, no, but more like "whoa, last night I dreamed I a had a chocolate castle" kind of dreams.  Plus old ladies, sleep paralysis, cannibal babies and snake people dreams.  That's right:  We're prophets destined to save the world with the awesome teachings of our subconscious.  Buckle up, world:  TVAMD Season 3 is just getting started...
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TVAMD2:  Real Doll Edition


Real Dolls and Love Dolls are lifelike silocone sex dolls, featured more than once on HBO's Real Sex.  The boys broach the subject as delicately as possible to explore the future ramifications of such appliances.  Are we headed towards an era of android love slaves, as suggest by David Levy in his book "Love and Sex With Robots"?  The world needs to know.

Plus we break the ice by discussing JJ Abrahms' upcoming Star Trek movie and review the Cloverfield-esque handheld horror flick Quarantine.  Another well-balanced foray into the weird from your self-appointed watchmen of the Zeitgeist.

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TVAMD2:  Sitcoms What are the greatest sitcoms?  Friends? Cheers?  How I Met Your Mother?  The boys discuss the merits of classics like Taxi and Family Ties while outlining a few helpful hints on how you can avoid sitcom mistakes and Three's Company style misunderstandings.
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TVAMD2:  The Hero Edition!

What is a hero?  Are they born heroes or are they forged in the fires of opportunity and disaster?  The boys talk about Indiana Jones and Captain Kirk, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, and the differences between Batman and Superman.  Who's more heroic - Buffy the Vampire Slayer because she's the chosen one or Angel because he's on a solemn quest for redemption? 

And we'd like to introduce you to a new breed of hero... A hero known as the Aquamarine!

Also featuring songs by Jennifer Daniels and Belle's Wake.

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TVAMD2:  Halloween Special! Happy Halloween, world.  In honor of All Hallow's Eve and the modern festival of Samhain, Brooks and Sean put on their scary faces to bring you some of their real-life horror yarns and ghost tales.  If you're a spook enthusiast or a run-of-the-mill Ghost Hunters fan, check out our tribute to the paranormal and the supernatural.
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TVAMD:  Revenge of the Robots!

Robot monkeys, cloned cats, smart houses, where does it all end?  Where does it begin?  Will our desire to have sex with robots lead to the Terminator apocalypse?  Did aliens build Stonehenge and the pyramids?  The boys debate the rise of technology and ways it can go wrong, the development of Artificial General Intelligence and what the exponential advancement of computer technology might mean for the future.

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TVAMD2:  The Robocalypse! The long-awaited Robot Apocalypse episode.  Part 1 of 2.
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TVAMD Greatest Hits

Time Travel, Captain Kirk, sex with robots, women showing their breasts, man junk and the beefiness of Nathan Fillion, Star Crash, Thomas Ian Griffith, Terminator, Star Wars, masturbating with a cheese grater, men called Bacon, men playing with dolls, men trapped in a meat locker, Die Hard Security Guards, hill mutants and how to survive them...

Yeah.  It's been an awesome first year.  Hasn't it, world?

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TVAMD2:  Fall TV Shows! Fall TV shows return and the boys are ready to have opinions and stuff.  More Terminator talk and some Knight Rider discussion, plus concerns over Joss Whedon's Dollhouse and its production problems.  Some discussion on hidden gems like Adult Swim's Frisky Dingo and Xavier: Renegade Angel, plus some discussion of HBO's Entourage, True Blood and Flight of the Conchords.  Then we just talk about T-shirts and nicknames for, like, ten minutes or so.  Take from this episode what you will, world...
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TVAMD2:  Better than Cats! What movies should be ahead of Thundercats in the line to get made?  What pop sensations and retro tv shows should get their shot at the big screen first?  The Boys discuss the A-Team, The Fall Guy (again), the Greatest American hero and cartoons with toy lines like MASK.  Who wouldn't want to see GI Joe meets the Transformers?  And whatever happened to the Sandman movie?  And why did everybody but the Germans forget Baywatch Nights? 
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TVAMD2: Talk Supe Who are the superheroes who've made the most impact on the pop culture?  From Superman and Batman to Space Ghost and Plastic Man, the boys talk supe to sort the best from the worst and the best known from the oft ignored. 
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TVAMD2: Thundercats!

Thundercats the Movie?  Superman gets a reboot with Nathan Fillion as Lobo?  Adrian Brody as the Riddler in Batman 3?  Everything phrased as a question?

The boys tackle these and other items of no importance, including a long-overdue tribute to Star Trek Deep Space Nine's front man, Avery Brooks.

Also a recap of Brooks and Greg's adventures at this year's DragonCon.

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TV Ate My Dinner:  Live From DragonCon! Prepare yourselves for the "Waiting for Godot" of scifi convention experiences.  Brooks and Greg tread the treacherous landscape of DragonCon, the # 1 convention of the American Southeast.  Doesn't sound like they got to do that much, though...
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TVAMD tribute to Waffle House People Between Kevin Costner's strange predilection toward playing lovable white trash and the mainstream media's insistence on portraying all Southerners like we just stepped off the set of My Cousin Vinnie, we Waffle House folk don't always get a fair shake.  Greg and Sean discuss this phenomenon as well as indulging a somewhat pointless slam on Sleepless in Seattle and pretty much all romantic comedies.  Also, Tron 2, Billy Dee Williams, Dina Meyer, and an ode to the Black Hole.  Well rounded fun for everyone!
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TVAMD2:  Jugzploitation! Tribute to boobs in movies!  Or is it?  Sean and Brooks take a long hard look at the disturbing decline of naked shower scenes and real sex scenes in movies.  Is this a more enlightened temperament in modern film, or a backhanded effort to sell sex to kids by keeping the nudity out of it?  And is the mainstream's sudden shyness leaving the door open for pornography to become a part of our everyday lives?  Just look at Traci Lords!  If you still can...
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TVAMD2:  The Disaster Show! This is not a show about disaster movies or real-life disasters, folks.  This episode was a real-life disaster, plagued with production problems, technical errors and equipment failures.  But somewhere along the line we managed to talk about the mystery of twins like Jason and Jeremy London, the Barbarian Brothers, & Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito.  Also, why do dragon movies always suck?  Is the robot invasion already happening and how will life-size silicone sex dolls help make it happen?  We soldier through it all to bring you the truth, world...
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TVAMD2:  Surviving Star Trek How do you survive Star Trek?  Is it just a matter of avoiding techno-tortures like the holodeck or is it about something more?  Is it about knowing how to be like Kirk and overthrowing civilisations for the greater good with kidney punches and scissor kicks?  Listen and find out!
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TVAMD2:  The Dark Knight's Returns Between Batman's big money and Dr. Horrible's dynamic debut online, it's a good summer for superheroes and supervillains.  Even Hellboy got a little something for his trouble.  The boys talk about what makes Heath Ledger's Joker the world's first scary comic book movie bad guy and discuss where the Dark Knight should go next.  Who will be the next big bad?  Catwoman?  The Riddler?  And what does the future have in store for Joss Whedon's latest creation?  And what trends is this setting for future superhero projects like Watchmen?  Listen and find out!
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TVAMD2: Viewer Mail! The boys address issues brought up in their mail.  Lynn from Australia has some additional life lessons you can learn from horror movies, plus some talk about Hancock, Death Proof, and the steady decline of American television.
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TVAMD2:  What Would Fillion Do? All things Nathan Fillion, as only TV Ate My Dinner can bring it!  The boys express their love for the star of Firefly and Slither so deeply here that they're forced to take a long hard look at themselves in the process.  Also, quite a lot of talk about the Fall Guy.  It makes more sense in context, people...
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TVAMD2:  The Crapisode! This episode's a crap shoot, but you should be used to that.  Lacking a central topic, the boys BS about Dollhouse, the upcoming Joss Whedon project starring Eliza Dushku, some belated praise for the Iron Man movie with speculation about where the Avengers movie could be going.  Plus a hard look at what's going wrong with the new Justice League movie.  We also bring you a new Movie From the Vault (House 2 tackled Crystal Skulls way before Indiana Jones) and the latest Johnny Drama (all hail the reigning Re-Animator, Jeffrey Combs!)  All this and the long-awaited follow-up on whether the junxploitation poster project "Teeth" is worth the trip.  Should be something for everybody in this one.
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TVAMD2:  Spies Like Us James Bond, Jason Bourne, Jack Bauer... The boys look at the best of the JB's and offer their survival tips to anyone looking at joining the spy game (on either side).  Do's and don'ts we picked up watching 24's CTU and Her Majesty's Secret Service, and some basic budget suggestions for gadget designers and supervillains who are probably just overthinking their jobs.  Plus a little zombie talk about George Romero's Diary of the Dead and the Day of the Dead remake.
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TVAMD2:  Indiana Jones and the Raiders of Past Glory Is Indiana Jones back, or are George Lucas and Steven Spielberg just dressing Harrison Ford up to try and re-capture their glory days?  We seem to have made up our minds on this one, but you give this episode a listen and decide for yourself.
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TVAMD2: Electic Boogaloo Highlander 2?  House 2, the Second Story?  Any horror sequel ever made?  Which ones do you think should have never seen the screen?  Should there have been Back to the Future Sequels?  Or a Matrix trilogy?  If Aliens broke the mold, shouldn't they have stopped there?  And what about Star Wars and Indiana Jones?  Is it cinematic blasphemy to re-visit the only perfect movies ever made?  These are the things we think about, world.  We ask the tough questions.
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TVAMD Season 2: Back to the Nineties In this over-sized long-awaited Season Premiere, the boys resolve all issues left unanswered in last season's cliffhanger finale.  What were the best movies of the nineties?  Why are they remaking Evid Dead?  Is Nathan Fillion the new Bruce Campbell or the new Harrison Ford?  If Indiana Jones can come out of retirement to save the world with crystal skulls, then shouldn't Ash come out of retirement to settle the Alien Predator conflict?  And what impact did the Matrix and the new Star Wars movies have on the nineties?  And if they can make a TV show about the clone wars, why not one about they early adventures of Han Solo and Lando Calrissian?  And we also talk about EPCOT Center for a few minutes.  I'm not sure why.
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TV Ate My Dinner:  It Came From the Nineties, Part One The Crow, Flatliners, Jurassic Park, Diggstown, Glengarry Glen Ross, The Fisher King, Nightbreed, Hal Hartley's Trust, The Usual Suspects, The Prophecy... What do all these movies possibly have to do with each other?  They were made in the nineties, my friends.  The age of the overcoat and the flannel shirt.
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TV Ate My Dinner:  Video Game Movies Were there ever any good movies made from video games?  Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Mario Brothers, Doom, Dungeon Siege, Double Dragon, Alone in the Dark, Bloodrayne, Silent Hill, Resident Evil... hmm, guess not.  Do Tron and the Last Starfighter count?
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TV Ate My Dinner:  Cartoons What are the great cartoons of your childhood?  Did you watch Dungeons & Dragons or Super Friends (or the Super Powers show)?  Remember Hanna Barbera classics like Thundarr the Barbarian and the Herculoids before Adult Swim caught hold of them?  Of were you a robot man?  Did you follow Voltron and the Mighty Orbots?  Were you a Transformers man or did you favor the Gobots instead?  Remember the Batman Animated Series and the awesomeness of the Tick?  Everyone watched He-Man and GI Joe, but do you remember Plastic Man and the original Space Ghost?  Remember the Real Ghostbusters and the original Ghostbusters (with the gorilla in it)?  How about Galaxy High, Teen Wolf and Turbo Teen?  The boys talk about these and all the toys that went with them (whatever happened to the Shogun Warriors anyway?), and somewhere in this still have time to discuss cinematic gems like Star Crash and Space Mutiny (the one that used the special FX from the original Battlestar Galactica TV show); we even talk about the Captain America TV movies a little.  This show's got it all, folks...
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TV Ate My Dinner:  Tribute to Trailers

In a world where anyone with internet access could get their own show, three friends stood together to make their dream of talking about great movie trailers come true.  But they're about to find out that there's more to trailers than Star Wars:  The Phantom Menace and Don LaFontaine voice-overs... and Darkman, Necessary Roughness, The Strangers, Star Trek VI, Superman Returns, and Patriot Games... and with a little luck, a little love, and lot of hope, they might just figure out what GI Joe and that Hey There Dililah have got to do with the rise of the modern day trailer.  And is Mad Max back from the dead?  Seriously, if that Doomsday movie isn't a throwback to the Road Warrior then...

Oh well.  Just listen to the show.  Your life might just depend on it!

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TV Ate My Dinner:  Time Travel! Time Travel!  The boys discuss time-bending classics like Quantum Leap and Back to the Future, the temporal antics of the many Star Trek incarnations, and the many faces of Doctor Who.  What are the real life applications of time travel and alternate realities?  Did Napolean Dynamite get it right when it comes to strapping yourself to a car battery and looking for a vortex?  And what does Predator 2 have to do with any of this?  Somewhere in all this there is also time for a little discussion of the new Knight Rider movie.
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TVAMD:  Superbad Is Superbad super bad for our economy?  Brooks and Sean ask this and other equally pointless questions, probing into the conventions of teen movies like the Stoned Age, American Pie and Juno, but also wondering why grown men collect action figures, how the Beanie Babies phenomenon got started, and how all this affects our ever-expanding consumer economy.  Somewhere along the line we also touch on why people are always saying Sean looks like Kevin Smith and the impact this has had on his opinion of Smith's movies.
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TV Ate My Dinner:  Junxploitation What is junxploitation?  Well, you know all these movies (Pulp Fiction, Planet Terror, Sin City, RoboCop, Black Sheep, Hostel 2, etc.) about guys getting attacked in their man-business?  Well, the boys begrudgingly decide to delve into this disturbing cinematic trend by analyzing the long strange history of wang in film.  But they also take the time to exalt the awesome career of Karate Kid baddie Thomas Ian Griffith and discuss the virtues of the Star Trek unitard.  All in all, a weird and wild ride that might not be appropriate for office listening.
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TV Ate My Dinner:  The Giant Monster Survival Guide!

Want to survive the scenarios you'd face in movies like Cloverfield?  Would you have what it takes to sidestep Godzilla or lay low while King Kong is ravaging the city?  From hopping biting monster spawn to ray gun powered giant robots, the boys are there with the survival tips you need to make it through the night.

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TV Ate My Dinner:  Scavenger Hunt!

Who is the REAL Leroy Mercer?  Where can you get a good copy of Black Devil Doll from Hell?  When is The Dolemite Explosion coming to your town?  Just a few of the questions you can try to answer if you take up the TVAMD scavenger hunt!  If Battlestar Galactica 1980 can make it to DVD, why not Heat Vision & Jack?  And have you ever heard of Edmund Cooper's visionary scifi masterpiece, Slaves of Heaven? 

Plus a little (more) discussion of the new Terminator TV show.  Is Summer Glau enough to save it?

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TV Ate My Dinner:  The Art of Comics Of all the underground art forms being exalted in the popular culture, comic books are among the least respected despite their influence on every other commercial art forms embraced by the mainstream.  If Spider-man and X-men top box office records alongside Batman and Superman while Dark Knight director Frank Miller dazzles us with big screen adaptations like Sin City and 300, why can't people accept the importance of Alan Moore classics like Watchmen and Swamp Thing?  And what about the great underground comics like American Splendor, Box Office Poison and the Devil's Panties?
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TV Ate My Dinner:  Knight Rider Tribute Knight Rider returns and the boys are ready!  In this tribute to the Hof and his awesome computer car, the guys talk about the original KR and its follow-up incarnations.  Remember Knight Rider 2000?  How about Knight Rider 2010?  Did anybody watch Team Knight Rider?  Will the new car measure up?  And what will the future hold?  Knight Rider 3050, maybe?
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