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Can life lessons we learn from movies prepare us for the end of civilization? Is Harry Potter the new Star Wars? Has modern science fiction lost its way? Are housewives ruining American television? Explore these questions and many others with Sean Gilbert, Brooks Robinson and Greg Starks in TV Ate My Dinner, the podcast that brings you the finest in opiniontainment when it comes to movies, TV and media issues. It could also mean the difference between living and dying if you ever find yourself staring down the business end of a zombie bite, so this is one show you can't afford to miss!

TV on the Throne: A Game of Thrones podcast - S6E07 - "The Broken Man"


Sean and Andrew discuss the various broken men described in the this episode's title. The Blackfish fights to hold onto his home, besieged by a disgraced knight whose lost his sword hand and has only a defeated lord as a hostage to bargain with. Not to mention another lost soul we see at the very beginning, who may just be the most broken man of all.

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Sean, Andrew, and Greg talk about Captain America: CIVIL WAR in contrast to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and X-men: Apocalypse.

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The White Walkers are on the move and so are the Starks! While the Mother of Dragons is planning the future of Westeros, the new three-eyed raven is probing (and possibly shaping) its past.

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Sean and Andrew discuss the fifth episode of Game of Thrones Season 6 - "The Door".  What is Hodor's secret and what could it mean for the future (and the past) of Westeros?

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Sean and Andrew discuss the fourth episode of Game of Thrones Season 6 - "Book of the Stranger". With Jon Snow and Sansa Stark reunited, will they finally lead the wildlings to reclaim Winterfell? And will King's Landing fall under the thrall of the High Sparrow?

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